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Flowmaster Plastic Hoppers


  Standard Closed Top Design                 Sanitary Closed Top Design
 Patent: US 7,475,796 B2  

     Open Top Design


 New Closed Top Design!

•  Tapered top eliminates "pooling" of liquids on the top of the hopper.  And,

• New interlocking corner stacking lugs facilitate safe and stable stacking of hoppers.


All Flowmaster hoppers are molded with an extra thick 0.500” heavy duty wall for a longer lasting, more durable container.  Molded from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the hoppers are corrosion and chemical resistant with superior impact strength and puncture resistance.  One piece hopper construction and seamless interior improves material flow characteristics. Flowmaster Plastic hopper bins are available in a variety of design configurations to meet specific dry handling requirements.   Choose from Closed Top or Open Top volume capacities of 25 Cu. Ft. to 80 Cu. Ft. and hopper slopes of either 45° or 60° degree angles. 

Standard Sizes:

     • 45º hopper angle -  25, 40, 50, 60, and 80 cubic feet.      Download 45º Hopper Angle Drawing
                                                                                         (shows specs for all sizes)

     • 60º hopper angle - 30, 48, 58 and 68 cubic feet.              Download 60º Hopper Angle Drawing
                                                                                          (shows specs for all sizes)

New improved Sanitary Base with two (2) way fork entry and anti-teeter fork pockets.
     •  Optional original base offers four (4) fork entry and two (2) way pallet jacks.

Closed Top Lid Options
• 12" threaded cap and EPDM Gasket (solid or vented).
     • 18" Internal threaded cap (solid or vented).
     • 22" Sanitary Drum style lid with 304 S/S clamp ring.

Available with top stacking/alignment lugs or recessed pockets for secure, stable stacking.

Standard discharge options:

     • 4" Slide gate or butterfly valve.
     • 8" Slide gate, butterfly valve or Iris valve.
     • 12" Slide gate, butterfly valve or Iris valve.
     • Other sizes available upon special request.

• Optional top lift features:
     • Standard lift
          • Industrial - (available with all lids).
          • Sanitary (only available with 22" Sanitary Lid).
     • Heavy Duty Lift
          • Industrial

Optional extension legs can be permanently molded and cut to desired elevation clearance up to 48".

Proprietary company and product information can be permanently embossed within the container wall.
•  Seismic Tie Down Capabilities.

•  Proprietary Company and Product Information can be permanently embossed within the container wall.

•  UN Certified IBC design models available upon special request and volume.

•  Other custom sizes available with sufficient volume.

•  Complete line of ancillary equipment & accessories.

Stationary and
Portable Hopper Bins - Superior Physical Properties, Optimum Performance!
Advantages vs. Metal (stainless, mild,

     • Reduced maintenance costs, corrosion 
     • Chemical and corrosion resistance.
     • Lower tare weights reduce freight costs.
     • Lower acquisition investment.         

Advantages vs. Flexible Bulk Bags (FIBCs)

     • More cost effective, reusable containers
       eliminates disposal cost.
     • Superior impact strength, puncture resistant.
     • More versatile, and safer material handling 
     • 4 way hand pallet jack and fork lift access.
     • Stable and secure stacking.
     • Reduced labor cost in filling and discharge operations.
     • Broader Chemical resistance.
     • Better weatherability.
     • Seamless, smoother interior surface;
       improved flow characteristics.




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